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A story within a story is a literary device in which one character within a narrative narrates. Mise en abyme is the French term for a similar literary device (also referring to the practice in heraldry of placing the image of a small shield on a larger shield). A story within a story can be used in all types of narration: novels, short stories, plays, television programs, films, poems, songs, and philosophical essays. The inner stories are told either simply to entertain or more usually to act as an example to the other characters. In either case the story often has symbolic and psychological significance for the characters in the outer story. There is often some parallel between the two stories, and the fiction of the inner story is used to reveal the truth in the outer story. Often the stories within a story are used to satirize views, not only in the outer story, but also in the real world. When a story is told within another instead of being told as part of the plot, it allows the author to play on the reader's perceptions of the characters—the motives and the reliability of the storyteller are automatically in question. Stories within a story may disclose the background of characters or events, tell of myths and legends that influence the plot, or even seem to be extraneous diversions from the plot. In some cases, the story within a story is involved in the action of the plot of the outer story. In others, the inner story is independent, so that it can either be skipped over or be read separately, although many subtle connections may be lost. Sometimes, the inner story serves as an outlet for discarded ideas that the author deemed to be of too much merit to leave out completely, something that is somewhat analogous to the inclusion of deleted scenes with DVD releases of films. Often, there is more than one level of internal stories, leading to deeply-nested fiction.

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  1. L

    I Need help for reading story

    I am new to the site.এবং আমি গল্পগুলো পড়তে পারছিনা।কি করতে পারি?প্লিজ
  2. Black Knight

    Daddy my Ass belongs to You (DAD-DAUGHTER Caption Story)

    N.B: If you Like it it Plz Comment Here...
  3. Black Knight

    Secret Relationship of Mom and Son (Mom-Son Caption Story)

    N.B: If you Like it it Plz Comment Here...
  4. Black Knight

    Oops Mom (Mom-Son Caption Story)

    N.B: If you Like it it Plz Comment Here...
  5. Nirjonmela

    Who is best Bangla Choti Story Writers in 2020?

    All Nirjonmela members, Let's shake up things and bring some excitement here. Presenting you a Voting Contest for the Best Self Writers in Self Written Choti Section of Nirjonmela. There is a Poll Attached to this Contest with 20 Writers. @monirul @oneSickPuppy @Zak133 @kamdev @Iamilbd...
  6. Laal

    Dominating Mom

  7. R

    Need incest story

    শিকড়ের মাটি মাটির শিকড় গল্পটি কারো কাছে থাকলে দাও
  8. choto79

    SinFul Goddess Series Summer Story Full Series

  9. Perverse

    The Midnight Snack (Mom-Son) - A Gif Story

  10. golpolikhi

    আত্মজা আমার আত্মজা (লক্ষী অনন্যা) পর্ব-১ - story by Janveera, Posted By Golpolikhi

    (গল্পটি এর আগে আর কোন সাইটে পাবলিশ হয়নি , এটা Janveera ভাই কর্তৃক লিখা আমাকে অনুরোধ করেছে পোস্ট করতে। আপনারা জানেন জানভীরা ভাই অনেক দিন ধরেই গল্প লিখায় অবসরে আছেন, এটা প্রথম পর্ব আজকে প্রকাশ করা হলো) আত্মজা আমার আত্মজা (লক্ষী অনন্যা) পর্ব-১ - story by Janveera, Posted By Golpolikhi মেয়েটি...
  11. HippityHoppitus

    In search of a sex story

    Many years ago i read a story on exi* about a husband watching his wife (who is a school teacher for village elderly people) have sex with two of her elder village students. Later she breastfeeds two strangers in a train. I also fogot if the story was in bengali or englis. Please help me finding...
  12. spoilter

    Cuckold vdo ba story Kara Kara pochondo koren ? Ebong keno. ? Ami onek pochondo kori.

    Cuckold vdo ba story Kara Kara pochondo koren ? Ebong keno ? Ami onek pochondo kori.
  13. R

    Bengali Audio Sex Story Section chai

    femmal voice, duet voice...
  14. Bergamo

    Videos The Story Of Samara 2 Teaser - HD

    The Story Of Samara 2 Teaser - HD
  15. Bergamo

    Videos Dhiki Dhiki - The Story Of Samara (Teaser) HD

    Dhiki Dhiki - The Story Of Samara (Teaser) HD
  16. choto79

    SinFul Goddess Album Elfe Story by Model Dani 54Pic Full Set

  17. Laal

    Collected ডিজিটাল পদ্মা নদীর মাঝি - ২০২১

    ডিজিটাল পদ্মা নদীর মাঝি সময়কাল - ২০২১ মাঝি কুবের ও তাহার পরিবার পদ্মাপাড়ের এক অজপাড়াগ্রাম কেতুপুর। সেই গ্রামের মাঝি সমিতির নির্বাচিত যুগ্ন-সাধারন সম্পাদক কুবের। কুবের গরিবের মধ্যে গরীব আর ছোটলোকের মধ্যে ছোটলোক। ক্রেডিট কার্ড,ডেবিট কার্ড তো দূরের কথা একখানা ভিজিটিং কার্ডও তাহার নাই। পুত্র লখা...
  18. R

    Book request " bullet "

    Story about 2 school friend and a girl eventually a sad ending... kar lekha mone nei but books ta buhu jug dhore search korchi .... non adult youth story about fight struggle and a tragic ending
  19. Perverse

    The Annual Special Bonus - A Short Gif Story

    The Annual Special Bonus starring Alexis Crystal Recently married and hardworking Alexis heard a rumor around office that she won't be getting the Annual Special bonus that the company gave out each year. She tried to ignore the rumors that the bonus was only ever given to pretty young girls...
  20. Perverse

    The Husband's Boss - A Gif Story

    The Husband's Boss starring Nicole Aniston In spite of her beauty, Nicole looked unhappy. How can you be happy when you learn your husband will be out of a job soon and the lifestyle you led, your way of life will be taken away from you. Of course unless she did something for him and his boss...