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Mar 1, 2018
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Welcome to the Nirjonmela. We are glad you are here. Please follow these guidelines when sharing, tagging, privately messaging, submitting, writing, and/or posting photographs, video, or other content (“User Postings”) on Nirjonmela’s site. We are not responsible for content submitted to the Nirjonmela. While we do not monitor every User Posting, please be aware that we may remove, without notice, any post that does not comply with the guidelines listed below. Please Read Main Forum Rules here.

Please follow these guidelines when making a post. If your post fails to follow these guidelines, it may be excluded from the ranking by the moderators.

Courtesy - Quality of the Post:
  • Short Words are not allowed for reply, By writing complete sentences that will be better able to grasp what your words mean.
  • Comments should be sentences, The second reason to write complete sentences is to focus you on what you are writing.
  • Be relevant, Comments should relate to the topic of the article.
  • Comments on grammar and spelling are any related to discussion.
  • Checks your spelling and grammar as you type, correct your Bangla/English texts.
  • Multiple or repeated posting of the same thread or topic is not allowed.
  • Multiple post are only allowed in same thread, When have a new update from thread starter.
  • Do not post gradually in the same thread, if you have to tell something immediately, edit the previous post and write it.
  • Stay on topic, Please post only messages that are relevant to the subject.
  • Personal attacks and offensive language are not permitted.
  • Comments should address the issues and not be a personal attack on others.
  • Spamming and Shilling, Please don’t spam our community with information about your website, product or blog.
  • Don't copy/paste/write same reply to several threads within a short period of time, it will also considered as spamming.
  • This forum is not to be used for commercial purposes, and the advertisement or promotion of commercial products or services is prohibited.
  • Avoid posting or creating fluff/meaningless threads - If you are caught with this with the clear intention of bringing up your post counts, you will be penalized.
  • When Replying to Threads, Please do not Post "Thanks", "Thank You" Etc. These Kind of Posts are Considered Spam and Will be Deleted. Instead, Use the "Thanks" or "Like" Button Which is Located Under Each Post !
  • Irrelevant or improper reply should not be used, for instance, if someone writes 'thankkkkkkkksssss..........................' instead of thanks then there are unnecessary use of several k or s and Dot . This kind of unnecessary use of word is called spamming which is forbidden.
  • Do not remove any content once posted in the forum as long as they comply with the forum rules. If you are found editing the contents repeatedly without any valid reasons & leaving behind an empty thread, will result in admonitory action in the form of infraction and if required, a ban.
Note: We are highly recommended to not reply to Link/download based forum threads because If dead link thread deleted then also your reply count will be deleted.

Give Useful Post Titles: Choose a thread title that is indicative of its content. In order for Nirjonmela Forums to function effectively as a searchable archive, thread titles must give some indication of the topic being discussed. Do not give your topics titles such as "please help" or "question". We already know you need help, that's why you are posting. What is important is what the questions is about – The best way to get a fast response is to provide a quality post.

Easy to Read: English/Bangla Only of your post by using the language of the forum you are posting on. Please don’t use HTML tags, excessive ALL CAPS or emoticons, or slang. Any content that is posted multiple times will be removed so please post in the appropriate forum only once.

Check your spelling and grammar: Posts that are riddled with spelling errors and poor grammar take more effort to read. The more effort the reader has to put in to decipher a post, the less likely they are to help you. Make use of the spell checker and basic grammatical tools. Full stops and commas make a difference.

Smileys are rarely appropriate: If you must put a smiley face in your post, one is enough. There is no need to sign off with a string of 17 smileys. Before you hit "post", look at the preview. Proof read your post and check it looks OK.

Bumping threads: If your post gets no responses for a while, please do not add an empty post, or simply post "anyone???" etc. If nobody has replied to your post, it is probably due to one of the reasons listed earlier. Try to improve on your original post by adding more information or input of some kind.

Editing posts: Please don't edit your posts after they were replied to. Sometimes it is acceptable and makes sense, when the information posted is obviously wrong and could be misleading for others, but even then do it in such a way it is obvious post was modified. Don't try to modify your posts to cover your mistakes.

Don't post more than once: Please don't cross-post. Asking your question in one forum is enough. If you are not sure where to post - select a forum you think fits best and either state in the message body you are not sure if that's the correct place, or use report button to get attention of moderators; they will move the thread.

No Duplication Allowed: Nirjonmela does not allow the same thread to be posted twice. The website automatically checks the URL, but it is still your responsibility to check that the thread has not been posted previously. If your thread has already been featured from the same user/maker, the duplication is allowed only when the thread is a newer content or has been majorly updated from the original one.

Tell Us Your Concerns/Report: If you see other members you think aren't following these guidelines, you can Flag the posts to bring them to our attention. Though we may not be able to contact you about the result, our moderation team will check out each Flag.

About Moderation: Our staff and volunteer moderators are here to help people enjoy the site, to keep the discussion on track, and to maintain friendly, honest conversations. Although we hope to preserve everyone’s contributions, we do reserve the right to move or remove any posting without notice or explanation, at our sole discretion.

Warning to Spammers: Every Single Item is Moderated. So If you Want to Waste Your Time and Post Your Junks, It will be Deleted and You will be Instantly Banned.

If you have any questions or comments about these Rules and posting guidelines or feel that your posts have been unnecessarily deleted, you can contact us. We will read your comments and consider them.

Regards - Nirjonmela Admin Panel
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