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Mar 1, 2018
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Nirjonmela.Com is a website run for fans, by fans. Because of this, In order to pay to keep this Website Running, Any member may donate to this website by becoming a premium member. What do premium members get? Here is the list of enhancements. As you will see, premium members enjoy additional benefits across the entire network. As a Premium Member, you get access to all of our content, old and new.

Upgrade today to become a Premium Member at Nirjonmela.

Premium Member Facility :

  • Unlimited Access to Adult Zone
  • Unlimited Access to Choti Zone
  • Post count are not required Access to Adult/Choti Zone
  • Allowed To View Hidden Content
  • Access to PC for private conversation
  • Large Avatar Size
  • Large PM Box
  • Large Gallery Space
  • Respect Member
  • Color Rank
  • Colored Username
  • Free Username Changes
  • VIP Share and Request Zone
  • Live Threads (Threads Update Automatically Without Page Reloading)
  • Special access to ALL new features that get added to the Site
  • No Ads !
More Information PM me or Click Contact Us

Donate Now for Nirjonmela Forum's Monthly Server Costs. Your contribution will be used to pay for our ever increasing bandwidth costs, our hosting service, domain registration, software licensing fees and maintenance costs Only!

Benefits For Contribution: By contributing to Nirjonmela you will help us for server costs. You will get the following award in your Postbit, showing you as a contributor and that will prove that you have helped our site.

Pricing: Pay Monthly - Euro € 15.99 Per Month (1 Month Premium Membership - Recurring)

Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal, bKash/Cash and users will be able to pay with Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay in addition to a valid credit/debit card.

Contact us or PM, If anyone wants to pay direct money, he can PM to Nirjonmela Nirjonmela dipu dipu for Bangladesh (bKash) P prinanad for India Nirjonmela Nirjonmela for Worldwide (Western Union, Money Gram)


Can I still use the donation system? Yes. The minimum donation is €5 which adds you to the Premium membership for Seven Days and all its benefits. Use the donation system here.

What if I donated before the subscription system was in place? No problem, anyone who donated €5 this has already been added to the Premium membership for Seven Days.

Can I have a refund? No, sorry. Premium membership fee's are non-refundable.

What happens if I am going to be inactive or I get banned while in the Premium membership? You will stay a Premium member until your Premium membership runs out. Banned users will lose their Premium membership and will not be refunded.

I do not like the extra features that come with Premium membership, can I have a refund? No, sorry. All suggestions are welcome however.

I have not subscribed yet, will my account be affected or changed? Absolutely not. You will not lose any privileges to your account only gain by subscribing.

Can I share my username and password with others? No, A username and password is specific to one person with up to five IP addresses only. If you share your details you will receive an automatic suspension of your account and your account will be suspended immediately.

Note: Becoming a premium member does not make you immune to the rules and regulations of these forums. If you abuse your special privileges, your premium membership may be revoked and you will not receive a refund.

Note: No refunds are granted with Premium membership purchases. Memberships automatically renew unless you cancel the membership through PayPal prior to the renewal date. Nirjonmela forum rules apply the same to Premium members as to other members.

Dispute: We will ban users if they are in dispute with PayPal, Strip, ETC. Ban System will check if payment is refunded/reversed, downgraded, etc. If there is a dispute in progress the user is banned.
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