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Activity Awards Awards given to members for posting that have benefited the community if some way.
Member of the Month
Awarded to the poster nominated as having the best post of the month.
Total awarded: 63
Forum Legend
The highest contributor of the Forum
Total awarded: 1
Donor Medal of Gratuity
This Medal is given to those who donate towards for forum's development.
Total awarded: 37
Best Contributer
The best contributer on NM.
Total awarded: 1
Biggest Gangster
The biggest hard nut internet warrior on Nirjonmela.
Total awarded: 5
Most Missed
The most missed member on Nirjonmela.
Total awarded: 0
Most Active Member
Most active member of the Month and Years.
Total awarded: 4
Quality Thread Starters
Top Quality Threads Created.
Total awarded: 0
Best Helpful Member
Most helpful member.
Total awarded: 0
NM's Ultimate Story Writer
Best Story Writer in Nirjonmela !
Total awarded: 4
Best Choti Story Starter
Best Choti Story Thread Opener in Nirjonmela !
Total awarded: 1
Ratings Received
This award is obtained by having your content rated 200 times
Total awarded: 0
Be known for regularly reporting posts that do not belong such as spam or other posts that break rules.
Total awarded: 0
Staff Awards All awards issued in relation to staff contributions.
Excellent Leadership
This award signifies their ability to effectively lead a department within the Admin Team for a period longer than 6 months.
Total awarded: 1
Admin Reformer
This award signifies their outstanding efforts in reforming and improving the Admin Team.
Total awarded: 2
Best Staff Member
The best Staff Member on Nirjonmela.
Total awarded: 1
Best Moderator
The best moderator on Nirjonmela.
Total awarded: 1
Best Support Team
The best Support Team on Nirjonmela.
Total awarded: 0