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Vintage, in winemaking, is the process of picking grapes and creating the finished product (see Harvest (wine)). A vintage wine is one made from grapes that were all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specified year. In certain wines, it can denote quality, as in Port wine, where Port houses make and declare vintage Port in their best years. From this tradition, a common, though incorrect, usage applies the term to any wine that is perceived to be particularly old or of a particularly high quality.
Most countries allow a vintage wine to include a portion of wine that is not from the year denoted on the label. In Chile and South Africa, the requirement is 75% same-year content for vintage-dated wine. In Australia, New Zealand, and the member states of the European Union, the requirement is 85%. In the United States, the requirement is 85%, unless the wine is designated with an AVA, (e.g., Napa Valley), in which case it is 95%. Technically, the 85% rule in the United States applies equally to imports, but there are difficulties in enforcing the regulation.The opposite of a vintage wine is a nonvintage wine (often seen on a wine list as NV), which is usually a blend from the produce of two or more years. This is a common practice for winemakers seeking a consistent style of wine, year on year.

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  1. B

    Vintage collection

    This thread is a compilation of nudes from yesteryears ranging from 1920 -1950.
  2. N

    Teenage Hitchhikers

    Teenage Hitchhikers Teen,Retro,Vintage Format: flv Size: 333.51 MB Video: 436 x 240 Duration: 01:20:21 FileJoker
  3. N

    Schoolgirls 6

    Schoolgirls 6 Genre: Classic, classic porn,Hairy ,vintage,teens, Porn classics, Klassiker, Feature, All Sex, Hardcore, Compilation ,Teens, Amateur, Dansk, Threesome, Anal, DP, Format: avi Size: 1.37 GB Video: 576 x 432 Duration: 03:03:49 FileJoker
  4. N

    Teenage Lust - VOL 1

    Teenage Lust - VOL 1 Teen, Vintage, Retro Format: avi Size: 706.33 MB Video: 632 x 480 Duration: 01:26:31 FileJoker
  5. N

    Das Sex-abitur - Hot Love in Blue Jeans (1978)

    Das Sex-abitur - Hot Love in Blue Jeans (1978) () Retro,Vintage,GERMAN Format: avi Size: 798.91 MB Video: 496 x 384 Duration: 01:31:19 FileJoker
  6. N

    Heidi, Mosleins Bergwelt Teil 4

    Heidi, Mosleins Bergwelt Teil 4 Studio: Herzog Stars: Angelica Bella, Angi Baletti, Cjilla March, Deborah Wells, Judith Deville, Lara Sanchez Categories: Vintage, Classic, Retro, Hairy, Mature Format: mp4 Size: 982.62 MB Video: 720 x 576 Duration: 01:21:49...
  7. N

    Auf der Heidi gibts koa Sund Teil 1Auf der Heidi gibts koa Sund Teil 1

    Auf der Heidi gibts koa Sund Teil 1Auf der Heidi gibts koa Sund Teil 1 Studio: Herzog Stars: Tanja Fielmann Categories: Vintage, Classic, Retro, Hairy, Mature, Teen Format: mp4 Size: 966.69 MB Video: 720 x 576 Duration: 01:20:45...
  8. N

    Opas Pornokiste

    Opas Pornokiste Studio: Herzog Categories: Vintage, Classic, Retro, Hairy, Mature, Teen Format: mp4 Size: 993.78 MB Video: 720 x 576 Duration: 01:23:29
  9. Perverse

    [Classic] Butterflies (1975)

    BUTTERFLIES (1975) Starring: Eric Edwards, Harry Reems, Heidi Kappler, Irene Wendlin, Marie Forså, Nadia Henkowa, and Zoe Hendry Description: Beautiful, young and restless, Denise (Marie Forsa) can’t stand another day on her family’s farm and with her boring country boyfriend (Eric...
  10. Perverse

    [Classic] California Fever (1987) - XXX Movie

    California Fever (1987) Starring: Candie Evens, Frank James, Bunny Bleu, Marc Wallice, Sheena Horne, Raymond Dandee, Don Fernando, Rick Savage Description: Stunning Candie Evens plays a fresh mid-western bombshell, who arrives in L.A. ripe for adventure. Her first stop is the beach where she...
  11. Perverse

    [Classic] American Gigolo (1979) - XXX John Holmes Movie

    American Gigolo (1979) Starring: John Holmes, Kandi Barbour, Veri Knotty, Kitty Shayne, Liza Dwyer, Vanessa Tibbs, Don Fernando, Delania Raffino Description: John Holmes is the biggest stud in Hollywood. All the girls love him and can never get enough. Follow John through the most star...
  12. Perverse

    [Classic] Campus Capers (1982) - XXX Movie

    CAMPUS CAPERS (1982) Starring: Annette, Eileen Wells, Erica Boyer, Mai Lin, Paula Smith, Phaery I. Burd, Lynx Canon, Tamara Longley, Tara Aire, Tigr, Adam Adams, Eric Stein, Hershel Savage, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin, Michael Morrison, Paul Thomas Description: Those precocious college sluts...
  13. Perverse

    [Classic] Business as Usual (1978)

    BUSINESS AS USUAL (1978) Starring: Arcadia Lake, Heather Young, Veri Knotty, David Morris Description: Service-oriented employees improve their company morale considerably in this ribald and raunchy look at sex in the workplace. From office sex to a lesbian tryst in a garment factory, to...
  14. Perverse

    [Classic] Blonde Velvet (1976) - XXX Jennifer Welles Movie

    Blonde Velvet (1976) Starring: Jennifer Welles, Sharon Mitchell, Suzanne McBain & Description: Eva Kovaks is the beautiful and mysterious seductress who is heading an international network of gorgeous women dealing in sexual blackmail and political payoff. Her targets are the...
  15. Perverse

    [Classic] Intimate Illusions (1978) - XXX Movie

    Intimate Illusions aka Boiling Point (1978) Starring: Desiree Cousteau, Eileen Welles and Lisa Grant Description: Angel is a San Francisco hooker who gets mixed up in an armed robbery and ends up in a cop car on a high speed chase. They head back to his place for a drink, a joint, and a...
  16. Bergamo

    Images Awkward Vintage Band Publicity Photos

    They must have thought that they look stylish and awesome at the time… Too bad these photos haven’t aged well. Warning: you may need an eye bleach after viewing this gallery.
  17. Perverse

    [Classic] Bad Girls IV (1986) - XXX Comedy Movie

    BAD GIRLS IV (1986) Starring: Shana Grant, Susan Hart, Gloria Leonard, Tina Marie, Kitten Natividad, Monique Gabriel, Rachel Ashley, Cara Lott, Tina Ross, Laurie Smith Description: BAD GIRLS IV is the sizzling sex comedy of the year. The movie mixes red hot sex and heavy laughs in a tale...
  18. Perverse

    [Classic] Ball Busters (1985) - XXX Movie

    Alex deRenzy's BALL BUSTERS (1985) Starring: Nina Hartley, Ginger Lynn, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Kelly Nichols, Joanna Storm, Jacqueline Lorians, Gina Carrera, Dan T. Mann, Erica Idol Description: When Officer Gillis and his partner, Dan Mann, check the cavities of big-busted suspect...