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A premiere or première is the debut (first public presentation) of a play, film, dance, or musical composition.A work will often have many premières: a world première (the first time it is shown anywhere in the world) and its first presentation in each country. When a work originates in a country that speaks a different language from that in which it is receiving its national or international première, it is possible to have two premières for the same work in the same country—for example, the play The Maids by the French dramatist Jean Genet received its British première (which also happened to be its world première) in 1952, in a production given in the French language. Four years later, it was staged again, this time in English, which was its English-language première in Britain.

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  1. choto79

    femjoy_Kira W - Premiere

  2. choto79

    femjoy_Martha - Premiere

  3. choto79

    femjoy_Ela L - Premiere

  4. choto79

    femjoy_Patricya L - Premiere

  5. choto79

    femjoy_Regin T - Premiere

  6. choto79

    femjoy_Dana P - Premiere

  7. choto79

    femjoy_Alsu T - Premiere

  8. choto79

    femjoy_Carina K - Premiere

  9. choto79

    femjoy_Karine P - Premiere

  10. choto79

    femjoy_Karmen T - Premiere

  11. choto79

    DomingoView Elly Ween, Premiere

  12. choto79

    femjoy_Samanta H - Premiere