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  1. charredaznable

    New Member

    Hello, I am a Canadian student studying abroad. I wish to improve my Bangla for a three month trip to Bangladesh that I will take soon next year. I am looking for great recipes to practice and make for my teachers. হ্যালো, আমি বিদেশে অধ্যয়নরত একজন কানাডিয়ান ছাত্র। আমি বাংলাদেশে তিন মাসের...
  2. B

    New Member

    Hi All, Just joined this forum. Some info about myself- male here in late 30s, living in North America, passionate about music and photography. Thank you!
  3. Cheater

    New Member

    Hello , I am the newest member of this forum
  4. jony123

    Hello everyone

    New member here everyone support me Hii all kemon achen sobay
  5. OndhokarAlo

    Hello, new member here

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member in this forum. Nice to meet you all.
  6. S

    New member

    Hi i am new here. Please helpe me i can not read any stories. Please help me and thank you
  7. biggobyakti

    New Member

    Hi, new member here, From halisahar, Bharat.
  8. agontuk.getco

    New Member

    Dear All, I would like to introduce myself as new member of the forum. I am from Dhaka. Thanks.
  9. Y

    New Member

    Hello I am Yousuf1991. I like read Stories, Poem and Jokes.
  10. Erkul Puero

    New member here

    New member here. Hope to have a great time!
  11. K

    Hi. New member

    Hello 👋 I am a new member here. Myself kala
  12. AtriKaleb

    Introduction- New Member

    I am new member of this Nirjonmela site. I am here to read amazing stories, experiences, poems and contribute from my end little whatever I can. I wish all the best for the development and more engagement for this site.
  13. Agontuk324

    Introduction- New Member

    Dear All, I am new member in this site. I am quite interested to join the on going discussion on different posts. I am from Dhaka Bangladesh. I wish more development of this forum in upcoming days. Thanks to all of you.
  14. R

    New member

    Hello everyone. came to spend some quality time here.
  15. U

    New Member

    Hello I am a new member. Just want to say hi to all. I made the account long time ago but did not get the chance to say hi to all.
  16. @

    New member

    How are you? I hope everybody are fine. I'm new here.
  17. A

    New member hello

    Hello.. new member here from blore
  18. A_akram

    New member

    Hello everyone . Hope you all are well
  19. S

    New Member post

    Hi..ami ei site a notun member..
  20. M

    New Member here - Mirjapur

    I am new here. Still learning forum rules. Hopefully will not break any rules.