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A daughter is a girl, woman, or female animal in relation to her parents. Daughterhood is the state of being someone's daughter. The male counterpart is a son. Analogously the name is used in several areas to show relations between groups or elements. The word daughter also has several other connotations attached to it. One of these being that the term daughter can also be used in reference to female descendancy or consanguinity. It can also be used as a term of endearment coming from an elder.
In patriarchal societies, daughters often have different or lesser familial rights than sons. A family may prefer to have sons rather than daughters because the daughters are subjected to female infanticide. In some societies it is the custom for a daughter to be 'sold' to her husband, who must pay a bride price. The reverse of this custom, where the parents pay the husband a sum of money to compensate for the financial burden of the woman, is found in societies where women do not labour outside the home, and is referred to as dowry.

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    "milf_and_daughter" or "milfdaughter" : Onlyfans Hot Mother & Daughter Duo Picture Collection

    Hi friends. Here I come with the collection of Onlyfans real life Mother & Daughter duo "milf_and_daughter" or "milfdaughter". According to various source they are real Mother and Daughter. Enjoy the pictures collection.
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    Daughter in Law

  4. choto79

    Daughter Swap Laney Grey and Natalie Knight

    Daughter Swap Laney Grey and Natalie Knight
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    Fantasy Incest Sex Daughter Swap Kendall Woods and Riley King

  6. choto79

    Fantasy Incest Sex Jasmine Grey and Naomi Blue

  7. Jupiter10

    কন্যাদান ও পিতৃঋণ

    পরিতোষ মজুমদার বয়স প্রায় 56বছর উত্তরবঙ্গের একটি সরকারি ব্যাংকের ব্রাঞ্চ ম্যানেজার. পরিতোষ বাবুর নিজের আপনজন বলতে তার শুধু একমাত্র কন্যা মধুরিমা. স্ত্রী মিনা দেবী একটি জটিল রোগে মারা যান যখন তার মেয়ের বয়স ছিল তিন বছর. স্ত্রী মারা যাওয়ার পর তিনি খুব ভেঙে পড়েছিলেন. তিনি নিজেকে সর্বহারা মনে করে...
  8. choto79

    femjoy_Whitney - Shepherd's Daughter

  9. Bergamo

    Images Dad Freaks Out Relatives by Photoshopping Daughter Into Slightly Dangerous Situations

    Stephen Crowley has figured out the perfect way to give his relatives a heart attack: “I have been photoshopping my daughter into marginally dangerous situations. Nothing unbelievable, but enough to make people think: wait, did he… ?” Now we just have to wait until the kid is old enough to...