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British English is the standard dialect of English language as spoken and written in the United Kingdom. Variations exist in formal, written English in the United Kingdom. For example, the adjective wee is almost exclusively used in parts of Scotland and Ireland, and occasionally Yorkshire, whereas little is predominant elsewhere. Nevertheless, there is a meaningful degree of uniformity in written English within the United Kingdom, and this could be described by the term British English. The forms of spoken English, however, vary considerably more than in most other areas of the world where English is spoken, so a uniform concept of British English is more difficult to apply to the spoken language. According to Tom McArthur in the Oxford Guide to World English, British English shares "all the ambiguities and tensions in the word 'British' and as a result can be used and interpreted in two ways, more broadly or more narrowly, within a range of blurring and ambiguity".When distinguished from American English, the term "British English" is sometimes used broadly as a synonym for the various varieties of English spoken in some member states of the Commonwealth of Nations.

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    Sex Analyst (2002)

    Sex Analyst (2002) Britain's Baron of Booty, Mr. Viv Thomas is at it again! Sammy-Jayne in her first anal encounter, portrays an expert at helping people with sexual problems. Foot fetishists, men suffering from premature ejaculation, women who can't cum...Dr. Sammy-Jayne has the cure! Cast ...
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    100% British Hardcore Fuckfest 2 (2003)

    100% British Hardcore Fuckfest 2 (2003) British Fuckfest is back: bigger, better, harder, and wetter! Five scenes cram packed with filthy British babes doing what they do best: fucking, sucking, and drinking cum for fun... Sit back and enjoy its pure filthiness. From the brilliant, erotic mind...
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    100% British Hardcore Fuckfest 1 (2002)

    100% British Hardcore Fuckfest 1 (2002) King of the jizz splash, Dirty Dog gives star performer Alicia Rhodes a facial to savor. Karrina gets a heavy fuck from Tony. Watch as Simon unloads a double jet of spunk over Sarah's pretty face. Then watch Jenna Lee take Dirty Dog's big cock. Ms. Rhodes...
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    Mature British Lesbians 1 (2017)

    Mature British Lesbians 1 (2017) Effervescent and 61-years-young, Trisha is a pillar of her countryside community. But what the ladies at the local women's club don't know is that behind closed doors, she's a right slapped who loves to show off for the camera! That secret isn't likely be kept...
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    Mature British Lesbians 5 (2018)

    Mature British Lesbians 5 (2018) When sexually liberated women want to make an impression on you they talk to the camera, pretending you're there with them. These hot middle-aged housewives and grannies enjoy every minute...for theirs and your satisfaction! Cast : Auntie Trisha, Lily May...
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    Insatiable MILFs (2021)

    Insatiable MILFs (2021) Country: UK Genre: MILFs, Mature, Big Boobs, British, European, Cum Swapping, Lingerie, Stockings, Threesomes, Popular with Women Cast: Alexxa Vice, Honour May, Jasmin Jae, Rebecca Jane Smyth, Tori Cummings, Zara Du Rose, Marc Kaye, Pascal White Watch as these big...
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    Cockaholics (2002)

    Cockaholics (2002) Welcome to volume #3 of Betty Swollocks, the original "London Fuck Slut" in "Cockaholic". Directed by "Big Omar" Williams himself, and jam packed with more anal, oral, interracial, girl/girl and dildo action than ever, Betty Swollocks will keep you cuming back again &...
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    Leather Freaks

    Leather Freaks A feast of filthy fetish fun is in store for you here with Leather Freaks, a beautifully shot and porn-packed show featuring some truly stunning hardcore harlots. The opening sequence is a potential award-winner. Entitled The Shadow, it stars a brazen and busty babe in a dog...
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    Bad Girls In Detention (2008)

    Bad Girls In Detention (2008) The Pure Girls are an all female production house that brings you a DVD full of hardcore girl/girl action. See Angel Long and Lolly Badcock give Michelle B the telling off she deserves for being such a goodie two shoes. Watch Sasha Rose get pounded by her teacher...
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    My Stepson Needs To Be Taught A Lesson (2014)

    My Stepson Needs To Be Taught A Lesson (2014) Kids today... they know nothing about living in the real world. Sitting around all day playing on the X-Box, leaving clothes on the floor and not helping with the chores. Well these stepmoms have had enough with it and it's time their selfish...
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    Cheating Horny Housewives

    Cheating Horny Housewives () Can cheating be justified? Too fucking right it can! Let's face it there some very shit boyfriends and husbands out there. So who can blame a stunnng horny housewife for getting some extra cock especially if her boyfriend shas to be persuaded to fuck her and when he...
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    I Did Your Dad

    I Did Your Dad () Pure XXX Films presents I Did Your Dad. These girls are horny. They can't stop themselves when they see a hot blooded male, even if it is the dad of their friend and sometimes even boyfriends. These girls love a sexy dad and they certainly know just how to get their claws in...
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    Ball Busting Blondes

    Ball Busting Blondes PureXXXFilms presents Ball Busting Blonds, These Blondes certainly know how to treat a cock, making sure they ride and suck it in all the right ways, they know just how to make these guys ball bust all over them, who can resist these hot blondes, in fact who would want to...
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    Black Dicks And Hiphop Chicks

    Black Dicks And Hiphop Chicks Pure XXX Films brings you Black Dicks And Hip Hop Chicks. These ghetto girls love their hip hop.......well actually most of them are probably listening to the latest boy band, all they really love is big fat hard black dicks pounding their tight little twats and...
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    British MILFs Know Best (2013)

    British MILFs Know Best (2013) The big titted Jasmine Jae stars alongside Holly Kiss, Tanya Coxxx, Eva May and Minxy Mercedes. A big hard dick is just what these naughty milfs need. If you've ever fantasized about having sex with hot mums, then you are in for a real treat. British Milfs know...
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    Anal Mischief (2008)

    Anal Mischief (2008) This DVD is all about the A class of Anal Pounding! We love to watch every inch go into that tight arsehole, seeing the juice seep from the inside... then get some nasty bitch to lick it all up and share between her girlfriends! Now that is fucking sexy! Watch Claudia Rossi...
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    Cuntstable (2014)

    Cuntstable (2014) Hard ass female British coppers using and abusing their position to get whatever they want...which in this case is civilian cock! From interrogation outside protocol interviews to underhand framing to achieve their cock hungry goals - Cuntstable lays down the law...and you...
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    Dominated Housewives

    Dominated Housewives Pure XXX Films presents Dominated Housewives. These men like to dominate their wives and get them to fuck in as many ways as possible. This DVD is packed with pure filth & hot action that will keep you cumming back for more of these dominated housewives. Cast : Sam...
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    My Stepdad Took My Virginity

    My Stepdad Took My Virginity () EP1: Stella is a dirty bitch and her Stepdad Luke is not happy. He goes in to have a go but there she is looking at boys. Horny little bitch! But what's this? She's a virgin! I think it's time for Professor Hotrod to get his cane out! EP2: Ella believing she's...
  20. Perverse

    Audios The Air Supply Collection (1977 to Now)

    Air Supply The Whole Thing's Started (1977) Playlist: 01. Teach Me To Run (04:01) 02. Do It Again (03:35) 03. Do What You Do (03:46) 04. There's Nothing I Can Do (03:37) 05. Ready For You (04:26) 06. That's How The Whole Thing Started (04:00) 07. Love Comes To Me (05:49) 08. The Answer Lies...