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In computing, ambient intelligence (AmI) refers to electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. Ambient intelligence is a vision on the future of consumer electronics, telecommunications and computing that was originally developed in the late 1990s by Eli Zelkha and his team at Palo Alto Ventures for the time frame 2010–2020. In an ambient intelligence world, devices work in concert to support people in carrying out their everyday life activities, tasks and rituals in an easy, natural way using information and intelligence that is hidden in the network connecting these devices (for example: The Internet of Things). As these devices grow smaller, more connected and more integrated into our environment, the technology disappears into our surroundings until only the user interface remains perceivable by users.
The ambient intelligence paradigm builds upon pervasive computing, ubiquitous computing, profiling, context awareness, and human-centric computer interaction design, of which, is characterized by systems and technologies that are:
embedded: many networked devices are integrated into the environment
context aware: these devices can recognize you and your situational context
personalized: they can be tailored to your needs
adaptive: they can change in response to you
anticipatory: they can anticipate your desires without conscious mediation.A typical context of ambient intelligence environment is home, but may also be extended to work spaces (offices, coworking), public spaces (based on technologies such as smart street lights), and hospital environments.

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    Sada Ami Kalo Ami by Runu Guha Neogi

    Sada Ami Kalo Ami Part-1
  2. spoilter

    Cuckold vdo ba story Kara Kara pochondo koren ? Ebong keno. ? Ami onek pochondo kori.

    Cuckold vdo ba story Kara Kara pochondo koren ? Ebong keno ? Ami onek pochondo kori.
  3. A

    kew ki aynabaji movie tar valo qualityr link dite parben? youtube a ekta pelam but khubi baje quality, purchase kore kina geleo kinte raji asi ami

    kew ki aynabaji movie tar valo qualityr link dite parben? youtube a ekta pelam but khubi baje quality, purchase kore kina geleo kinte raji asi ami
  4. Bergamo

    Videos Tumi R Ami - Talk Show

    Tumi R Ami Talk Show
  5. Bergamo

    Videos Shopno Dekhi Ami - Ek Cup Cha

    Shopno Dekhi Ami - Ek Cup Cha
  6. N

    আমি আগন্তুক , আমি বার্তা দিলাম

    টাইটেল এর লেখাটি একটি গান। হয়তো শুনেছেন। প্রথম দিন জয়েন করেই ধরা খেলাম। একটা থ্রেডে যে একাধিক বার কমেন্ট করা যায়না সেটা জানতাম না। সুন্দরী মহিলাদের ছবি দেখে inspiring কমেন্ট করলাম বেশ কয়বার, অমনি ২৪ ঘন্টার জন্য banned হয়ে গেলাম। কি দুঃখ, কি দুঃখ - আর কারো কি এমন অভিজ্ঞতা হয়েছে ?
  7. M

    hello everyone

    ami ai fourm a new apnara kemon achen
  8. Sanjida

    Welcome post

    Ami noton porichoy dite aslam. Sobai kmn achen. Asen ekto adda mari.
  9. Yuvrajj

    মেয়ে? তুমি কি রেজর চেনো? চেনো না!

    গফুর মন্ডলের বাড়িতে আজ তুমুল রান্নার তোর জোর। বড় বড় মাছ এসেছে। খাসি আর বড় মোরগ জবাই হচ্ছে। বিয়ের পরে এই প্রথম মেয়ের জামাই আসছে বেড়াতে। তাও প্রায় দেড় বছর পরে। জামাই বারেক চাকরি করে দুবাই। বিয়ের পর পরই চলে গিয়েছিল, এখন দেড় বছর পরে আবার ছুটি পেয়ে দেশে এসেছে। বারেকের চেহারা সুরত ভালো। দুবাই চাকরি...
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    hiii!! ami suporna !!

    hello guys !! ami suporna sen . finally sobcheye boro forum er khoj pelam !! happy to be here .
  11. Gour gain

    Hi bondhura kemon aacho sobai? Ami gour

    kemon aacho bondhura .. ami gour
  12. N

    ami porte pari na kno kew help koren

    kew amk hep koren, ami ki vabe dejte parbo, atti niom kno
  13. M

    Ami ekhane notun

    Ekhankar kichu bujhtesi na
  14. D

    Hii ami o new ekhane

    Akta jinis bujte parchi.eii comments or reply er rule ta thik bujte parchi nah any one help ??
  15. Jisan

    Bangladesh... Kivave ei site a enjoy kore ami janina

    Bangladesh theke Kibabe ei site use korte hoy ami janina
  16. cutesayantan

    Ami nirjon ami notun

    Hi! Amar name Sayantan Dhar, ami ekhan er notun member, erom e forum byes kodin dhore khuujilam
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    Ami porty chai but eto jhamela keno

    Ami porty chai but eto jhamela keno
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    Vai 100 comments korlam. Bt sob gulo delete kore dilen. Eto kothin keno re vai?
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    Ami new here Golpo ghulo porte partechi na
  20. Placebo

    Ami Vivekananda Bolchi by Niloy Mukherjee

    Ami Vivekananda Bolchi by Niloy Mukherjee