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Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire (1-6) [Vampire, Dracula Comics][CallMePlisskin]

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Mar 6, 2018
Time is money

Alynnya Slatefire is a Rithian Ranger on a mission – to save her younger sister, Elliana, from the evil clutches of the demon mage Rywick Bynvius and ridding her world of his malevolence.
Through a series of devious schemes and unfortunate events Alynnya was tricked into releasing Bynvius and has since dedicated her life to these goals. Our heroine knows she cannot simply attack and kill the demon with her sword she needs to collect a series of items and ingredients to create a suitable weapon, destroy the evil and rescue Elliana.
The Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire follows her pursuit of this items, her trials and triumphs.

Updated: 03-2018
Developer/Publisher: TheyCallMePlissken
Censorship: None
Language: English
contains: 6 comics
Pages: 109
dilf, vampire, anal, bdsm, bisexual, blowjob, bondage, chloroform, collar, cunnilingus, femdom, gag, human pet, sex toys, slave, strap-on, yuri, lesbian, monster

Collection List Download:
Issue 01 - Sex machines & bondage
Issue 02 - Outdoor vampire bondage sex (Male-female)
Issue 03 - Vampire lesbian domination bondage sex (Male-Female-female)
Issue 04 - Tentacle vines (plant monster variety)
Issue 05 - Humble Beginnings (Male-female, Female-female strap-on)
Issue 06 - Vex Redd's House of Dubious Delights (domination and submission theme)


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