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Hot swapping (frequently inaccurately called hot plugging) is replacing or adding components without stopping or shutting down the system. With the appropriate software installed on the computer, a user can plug and unplug such components without rebooting. Specifically, hot swapping describes inserting and/or removing components without interruption to the system. A well-known example of this hot swap functionality is the Universal Serial Bus (USB) that allows users to add or remove peripheral components such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, or portable hard drive; depending upon the supplier such devices are characterized as hot-swappable or hot-pluggable.
Hot plugging on the other hand describes only the addition of components that would expand the system without significant interruption to the system.Computer components are usually cold-pluggable since the computer system must be powered down to add or remove them. Most components in computer systems, such as CPUs and memory, are only cold-pluggable. However it is common for high-end servers and mainframes to feature hot-swappable capability for other components, such as PCIe and SATA drives.

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  1. Rainbow007

    মুখোমুখি বধু বিনিময় (Completed)

    মুখোমুখি বধু বিনিময় Writer: sumitroy2016 ১ম পর্ব আমার আগের কাহিনি ‘নন্দাইয়ের উষ্ণ ঠাণ্ডাই” তে পাঠকগণ কে বর্ণনা দিয়েছিলাম, কি ভাবে আমি আমার নন্দাই জয়দার দিকে আকর্ষিত হয়ে আমার ননদ মিতাদির অনুমতি এবং প্রশ্রয়ে তার সামনেই জয়দার ৮” লম্বা বাড়া আমার গুদের ভীতর ঢুকিয়ে উপভোগ করতে পেরেছিলাম এবং তারপর...