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nicolette gray

Nicolete Gray (sometimes Nicolette Gray) (20 July 1911–8 June 1997) was an English art scholar and exponent and scholar of calligraphy. She was the youngest daughter of the poet, dramatist and art scholar Laurence Binyon and his wife, writer, editor and translator Cicely Margaret Pryor Powell. In 1933, she married Basil Gray (1904–1989), with whom she had five children, two sons and three daughters.She attended St Paul's School where she won a scholarship to Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford to read History in 1929.In 1936 she curated the touring exhibition Abstract and Concrete, the first showing of abstract art, and of the work of Mondrian, in England.Her books include Nineteenth century ornamented types and title pages (Faber & Faber 1938; 2nd edition, as Nineteenth century ornamented typefaces, 1976) and A History of Lettering (Phaidon, 1976).
She died in London on 8 June 1997.

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