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Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning.
Knowledge can refer to a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It can be implicit (as with practical skill or expertise) or explicit (as with the theoretical understanding of a subject); it can be more or less formal or systematic. In philosophy, the study of knowledge is called epistemology; the philosopher Plato famously defined knowledge as "justified true belief", though this definition is now thought by some analytic philosophers to be problematic because of the Gettier problems, while others defend the platonic definition. However, several definitions of knowledge and theories to explain it exist.
Knowledge acquisition involves complex cognitive processes: perception, communication, and reasoning; while knowledge is also said to be related to the capacity of acknowledgement in human beings.

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  1. mashruhan

    চোরাবালি নিয়ে যত কথা

    🏴চোরাবালি নিয়ে যত কথা🏴 📍চোরাবালি আসলে কী? ___________________ " চোরাবালি" -শব্দটা শোনেননি এমন মানুষ হয়তো খুঁজে পাওয়া যাবে না। একে ইংরেজিতে বলে "Quicksand"। চোরাবালি আসলে সাধারণ বালির মতোই এক ধরনের বালি। কিন্তু সাধারণ বালির সাথে একটি বড় পার্থক্যও আছে এর। পার্থক্য হলো এই বালি পানি দ্বারা...