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kirtu comics

Kirtu is a word that, by association, has become synonymous with sexually explicit comics or animation originating in India, which depict modern Indian sexuality. The common noun is derived from the domain name of the popular erotic comics website, although as a proprietary eponym it is often used to refer to Indian cartoon pornography in general, much like hentai is used to denote sexually explicit or pornographic comics and animation from Japan, particularly anime, manga, and computer games.
Pornography is illegal in India, and although it is available virtually anywhere, especially in areas where pirated material is already being sold, it is generally of the softcore variety and typically of low quality.Hardcore pornography involving actors and models, both on film and in photographs, is much more difficult to come by, and almost impossible to produce and distribute domestically because of the ban. Therefore, illustrated and animated pornography is an increasingly popular alternative in India to hardcore content performed by people. Although various websites and print outlets besides exist, animated pornography in general is often referred to simply as "kirtu".

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  1. Black Knight

    Beelzebabe [T.J. Hunter] ।। Daayan [Indian Demonic Kirtu Comics]

    The continuing story of a young naive college girl who when aroused becomes a lot more naughty, not to mention a different species! Join Brooke Tynes as she struggles to make it through her college years with this Devilish affliction. It's Also Known as Indian Demonic Kirtu Comics - Daayan...
  2. Black Knight

    Priya Rao - The Encounter Specialist [Kirtu Comics Collection]

    Priya Rao - The Encounter Specialist [Kirtu Comics Collection] Download Link In The Last Comment List: The Encounter Specialist - EP 01 - Going down on crime The Encounter Specialist - EP 02 - Crime gets screwed The Encounter Specialist - EP 03 - Kidnapped! The Encounter Specialist - EP 04 - The...