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Janine Marie Lindemulder (born November 14, 1968), also known as Janine Marie James, is an American exotic dancer and adult film actress, best known for her work in American pornographic films (typically credited as just Janine) during the mid-1990s and since a 2004 comeback. Lindemulder has appeared in several music videos for bands including Blink-182 as well as appearing on the cover of the band's 1999 album Enema of the State.

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  1. Perverse

    [Classic] Blondage (1994) - XXX Janine & Julia Ann Movie

    BLONDAGE (1994) Starring: Asia Carrera, Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Julia Ann, Leena, Melanie Moore Description: A strip club owner tries to break up top erotic-dance duo Blondage, who star at a rival club. Download: Wmv or Mkv Version or...
  2. Perverse

    [Classic] American Blonde (1994) - XXX Janine Movie

    AMERICAN BLONDE (1994) Starring: Janine, Kaitlyn Ashley, Misty Rain, Rasha Romana, Veronica Sage Description: Janine and Colt are a couple. Kaitlyn and Tony are also a couple, and Veronica and Alex are the couple that will change their lives. Paul Thomas presents a tale of three lovers, and...