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imogen thomas

Imogen Mary Thomas is a Welsh model and television personality. She came to prominence in 2003, after winning Miss Wales, and achieved further notability in 2006, when she lasted three months on the seventh series of Channel 4 reality television programme Big Brother. In 2011, her alleged extramarital relationship with footballer Ryan Giggs was the subject of a controversial gagging order in the UK.

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    Imogen Thomas Sexy 3

    Imogen Thomas confidently shows off her toned figure and goes hiking in a bikini from her Chasing Summer brand, Valentino trainers and a Burberry rucksack, 01/26/2019. The former “Big Brother” star enjoyed the breathtaking views and took some selfies along the way. The 36-year just completed a...
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    Imogen Thomas Sexy 2

    Imogen Thomas reaps the rewards of her labor as she shows off her incredible bikini body in a red Chasing Summer bikini after partaking in a grueling week of fitness and diet at Prestige Bootcamp in Portugal, 01/25/2019.
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    Imogen Thomas Sexy

    Actress/model Imogen Thomas was seen in a classic black swimsuit poolside in Miami, Florida, 11/13/2018.