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A hero (masculine) or heroine (feminine) is a real person or a main character of a literary work who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, bravery or strength; the original hero type of classical epics did such things for the sake of glory and honor. On the other hand are Medieval and modern heroes, who perform great deeds for the common good instead of the classical goal of pride and fame.
The concept of the hero can be found in classical literature. It is the main or revered character in heroic epic poetry celebrated through ancient legends of a people, often striving for military conquest and living by a continually flawed personal honor code. The definition of a hero has changed throughout time. Merriam Webster dictionary defines a hero as "a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities." Examples of heroes range from mythological figures, such as Gilgamesh, Achilles and Iphigenia, to historical figures, such as Joan of Arc, Giuseppe Garibaldi or Sophie Scholl, modern heroes like Alvin York, Audie Murphy and Chuck Yeager, and fictional superheroes, including Superman and Batman.

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  1. venumgall

    Sofia Boutella - SAS Rogue Heroes (2022)1080p

    Sofia Boutella - SAS Rogue Heroes (2022)1080p Duration: 0:00:56 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 30.8 MB
  2. Perverse

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Guidebook - The Avengers Initiative (2017)

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Guidebook The Avenger's Initiative (2017) Description: The official handbook of the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes you all the way through Phase One and to the dawn of Phase Two! Filled with fact sheets, movie-to-comic comparisons, behind-the-scenes art and...
  3. Perverse

    Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody (2012) - XXX Parody Movie

    Axel Braun's AVENGERS X X X A Porn Parody (2012) Starring: Phoenix Marie as Sharon Carter Lexington Steele as Nick Fury Xander Corvus as Spider-man Jenna Presley as Spider-woman Brooklyn Lee as Black Widow Joanie Laurer as She Hulk Eric Masterson as Hawkeye Dale DaBone as Iron Man Lexi...