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This article is about the television service "HD+"; for the computer screen resolution see Computer display standard.HD+ is a German satellite television service provider owned by SES that offers high-definition networks for German-speaking users. It is based in Unterföhring near Munich, Germany.
HD+ provides a broadcast platform from satellites at the Astra 19.2°E position, independent from TV operators, for channels outside the established pay-TV networks, and requires a dedicated receiver or an HD+ conditional-access module and Smart Card. Since summer 2011, HD+ channels have also been available to Sky Deutschland subscribers. As of December 2016, there are nearly 3 million HD+ households in Germany.The company grew out of MX1 (then ASTRA Platform Services, later SES Platform Services) and offers the technical management and the marketing of HD programmes for all broadcasters, including the distribution of the smart cards required for reception.
In October 2014, HD+ joined the Free TV Alliance, alongside other free-to-view broadcasters Freesat, Tivù Sat and Fransat.In September 2015, HD+ started broadcast of an ultra-high-definition television demonstration channel. UHD1 shows sports, culture, lifestyle, and nature video clips and trailers for use by dealers and UHD 'enthusiasts'. On April 2, 2016, UHD1 carried a live broadcast of the Le Corsaire ballet in Ultra HD from the Vienna State Opera. The broadcast was free-to-air and produced by SES in collaboration with European culture channel ARTE. InDecember 2017, Travelxp started broadcasting as part on the HD+ platform in Ultra HD and HDR, the first travel channel worldwide to use HDR. Travelxp uses SES subsidiary MX1 for playout and uplink services.

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