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cherie deville

Anarchic System was a French band formed in the early 1970s.
The band's members were parts of other groups from the rock scene of northern France. They were in good friendship when the opportunity of recording the "Popcorn" cover was given to them by Paul de Senneville of (AZ Records) in 1972. They were chosen because of C. Lerouge's incredible ability in using a Minimoog. Commercial success (700,000 copies) gave the band an opportunity to release two other singles ("Carmen Brasilia" and "Royal Summer"), even before they were signed in 1973.
The band's songs are mostly attributed to electronic music due to the presence of a keyboard in "Popcorn", "Carmen Brasilia" and the long version of "Generation". However, other singles are influenced by rock genres. Their influence were Uriah Heep, Warhorse, Black Sabbath and such.
Their songs were written by P. De Senneville and O. Toussaint for the first singles (including "Generation"), then they changed to C. Gordanne, C. Van Loo and I. Wira for the following release, only achieving to impose their own songs on the release "Goody Lady" in 1977.

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