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The Chats are an Australian punk rock band from Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The band is best known for their song "Smoko" and its music video, which went viral.The Chats is composed of Josh Price on guitar and backing vocals, Matt Boggis on drums, and Eamon Sandwith on bass and lead vocals. The band takes its name from the Sydney suburb of Chatswood. They have cited Australian bands Cosmic Psychos, Dune Rats and Eddy Current Suppression Ring as major influences, and coined the term "shed rock" to describe their sound.The band signed a global deal with Universal Music Publishing Australia on March 19, 2019.

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  1. perfect man

    Chatting between two friends

    ME.:কিরে কি করস😤 Friend. :Bf এর সাথে chat করি,তুই😇 Me: ক্রাইম পেট্রোল দেখি Bf এর হাতে Gf খুন🙄
  2. Perverse

    আপনার পছন্দ CHAT APP কোন্টি?

    YOUR FAVORITE CHAT APPLICATION? These days we are all chatting and sending messages over phone. Which one is your favorite Chat App and Why?