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As a physical object, a book is a stack of usually rectangular pages (made of papyrus, parchment, vellum, or paper) oriented with one edge tied, sewn, or otherwise fixed together and then bound to the flexible spine of a protective cover of heavier, relatively inflexible material. The technical term for this physical arrangement is codex (in the plural, codices). In the history of hand-held physical supports for extended written compositions or records, the codex replaces its immediate predecessor, the scroll. A single sheet in a codex is a leaf, and each side of a leaf is a page.
As an intellectual object, a book is prototypically a composition of such great length that it takes a considerable investment of time to compose and a still considerable, though not so extensive, investment of time to read. This sense of book has a restricted and an unrestricted sense. In the restricted sense, a book is a self-sufficient section or part of a longer composition, a usage that reflects the fact that, in antiquity, long works had to be written on several scrolls, and each scroll had to be identified by the book it contained. So, for instance, each part of Aristotle's Physics is called a book, as of course, the Bible encompasses many different books. In the unrestricted sense, a book is the compositional whole of which such sections, whether called books or chapters or parts, are parts.
The intellectual content in a physical book need not be a composition, nor even be called a book. Books can consist only of drawings, engravings, or photographs, or such things as crossword puzzles or cut-out dolls. In a physical book, the pages can be left blank or can feature an abstract set of lines as support for on-going entries, i.e., an account book, an appointment book, a log book, an autograph book, a notebook, a diary or day book, or a sketchbook. Some physical books are made with pages thick and sturdy enough to support other physical objects, like a scrapbook or photograph album. Books may be distributed in electronic form as e-books and other formats.
Although in ordinary academic parlance a monograph is understood to be a specialist academic work, rather than a reference work on a single scholarly subject, in library and information science monograph denotes more broadly any non-serial publication complete in one volume (book) or a finite number of volumes (even a novel like Proust's seven-volume In Search of Lost Time), in contrast to serial publications like a magazine, journal, or newspaper. An avid reader or collector of books or a book lover is a bibliophile or colloquially, "bookworm". A shop where books are bought and sold is a bookshop or bookstore. Books are also sold elsewhere. Books can also be borrowed from libraries. Google has estimated that as of 2010, approximately 130,000,000 distinct titles had been published. In some wealthier nations, the sale of printed books has decreased because of the increased usage of e-books.

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  1. D

    Bengali Books in Epub format

    1. Byomkesh Samagro The collection of all stories on the famous Bengali detective or Satyaneshi Byomkesh Bakshi by Saradindu Bandyopadhyay. Below is the link: P.S. I did not create this E-book. I collected it from...
  2. D

    Is it okay if I post my stock of collected bangla epub books here

    Dear moderators, looks like some members have been looking for bangla epub books. Over the years, I have collected many bangla epub books from the net. I was wondering whether I can post my stock of bangla epub books here at the Ebooks section. They are all collected from the net, so the credit...
  3. Bergamo

    বইপড়াকে সহজসাধ্য করবে নতুন অ্যাপ – bookS: Community Library

    বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় পড়ুয়া কয়েক বন্ধু ভেবে দেখল চারপাশে অনেকেই আছে বই পড়তে চায় কিন্তু অজুহাত দেখায় যে বই কেনার টাকা নেই। অথচ চাইলেই বই ধার নিয়ে পড়া যায়। সমস্যা হচ্ছে- কে দিবে ধার? কার কাছে চাইবো? কার কাছে কী বই আছে তা যদি জানা থাকতো তাহলে কতই না সুবিধা হত। এই সমস্যার সমাধান করতেই একটি মোবাইল...
  4. Perverse

    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (Dystopian Fiction)

    FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury Description: Books cause dangerous thoughts. A dystopian novel, first published in 1953, that is regarded as perhaps the greatest work by American author Ray Bradbury and has been praised for its stance against censorship and its defense of literature as...