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bianca gascoigne

Bianca Gascoigne (born 28 October 1986) is a British glamour model and television personality. She is the daughter of Sheryl Gascoigne, and adopted daughter of Paul Gascoigne, a former footballer. She has a brother Mason and a half-brother Regan Gascoigne. She came sixth in the nineteenth series of Channel 5 reality show Celebrity Big Brother.

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    Bianca Gascoigne - Out in North London

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    Bianca Gascoigne in a Bikini - 2021 Calendar Photoshoot in Lanzarote

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    Bianca Gascoigne in a Swimsuit

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    Bianca Gascoigne Sexy

    Busty model/TV star Bianca Gascoigne was spotted showing off her bikini body while on holiday in Dubai, 10/30/2018.
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    Bianca Gascoigne in a Red Bikini in Portugal

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    Bianca Gascoigne in Bikini on Holiday in Dubai, October 2018