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belen rodriguez

María Belén Rodríguez Cozzani (Spanish pronunciation: [maˈɾi.a βeˈlen roˈðɾiɣes koˈsani], Italian: [kotˈtsaːni]; born 20 September 1984) is an Italian-Argentine showgirl. Known as Belén Rodríguez or Belén, she has been based in Milan since 2004. Rodríguez hosted variety shows and appeared in television commercials and films. Considered a sex symbol of the 2000s and 2010s, she posed for nude calendars.
The international press has called Rodríguez "the Rioplatense Sophia Loren" and "the Italian Sara Carbonero". She hosted the February 2011 Sanremo Music Festival, the third Argentine (after Valeria Mazza and Lola Ponce). Cecilia Rodríguez, an Argentine showgirl active in Italy since 2008, is Belén's younger sister.

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    Belen Rodriguez Nude & Sexy 2

    Here are the new Belen Rodriguez’s nude (covered) and sexy bikini photos from Instagram (July 2018 – January 2019). María Belén Rodríguez Cozzani is a 34-year-old Argentine-Italian model and showgirl. She presents several television shows and plays leading roles in movies. The media calls Belen...