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An anniversary is the date on which an event took place or an institution was founded in a previous year, and may also refer to the commemoration or celebration of that event. For example, the first event is the initial occurrence or, if planned, the inaugural of the event. One year later would be the first anniversary of that event. The word was first used for Catholic feasts to commemorate saints.
Most countries celebrate national anniversaries, typically called national days. These could be the date of independence of the nation or the adoption of a new constitution or form of government. The important dates in a sitting monarch's reign may also be commemorated, an event often referred to as a "jubilee".

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  1. Perverse

    [DC] 80th Anniversary: 100-Page Super Spectacular Comics Collection

    Aquaman (2021) Description: After defending the seven seas for eight decades, it's time to throw Aquaman a party! This all-star-filled anthology spans across the ocean king's legacy, not just celebrating his own triumphs, but also those of his greatest allies and enemies. We look at his...
  2. Perverse

    Audios Pantera - Reinventing the Steel: 20th Anniversary Edition (2020)

    Pantera Reinventing the Steel 20th Anniversary Edition (2020) Playlist: CD1 01. Hellbound (2020 Terry Date Mix).mp3 (6.2 MB) 02. Goddamn Electric (2020 Terry Date Mix).mp3 (11.4 MB) 03. Yesterday Don't Mean Shit (2020 Terry Date Mix).mp3 (10.0 MB) 04. You've Got to Belong to It (2020 Terry...
  3. Perverse

    Marvel Comics 001 - 80th Anniversary Edition (2019)

    Marvel Comics Issue 001 80th Anniversary Edition (2019) Description: The book that kicked off the Marvel Universe back in 1939 – presented in glorious hardcover, with an extensive array of special features! MARVEL COMICS #1 promised action, mystery and adventure – and it delivered! The...
  4. Perverse

    [DC] Wonder Woman - 75th Anniversary Special 001 (2016)

    WONDER WOMAN 75th Anniversary Special Issue 001 (2016) Description: An immense special issue celebrating seventy-five years of the Amazing Amazon, through phenomenal new stories, art, and stand-alone illustrations! Featuring a roster of incredible creators—some who’ve laid down legendary...
  5. Perverse

    Barely Legal: USA - Anniversary 2018

    Barely Legal USA Anniversary Issue (2018) Cover Girl: Tommi Download: PDF Version
  6. Perverse

    Hustler Magazine USA - 44th Anniversary Issue (2018)

    HUSTLER MAGAZINE 44th Anniversary Issue (2018) Hustler magazine has been a part of America’s culture for 44 years, and this commemorative issue celebrates the adult industry’s most popular models and legends. Spend the day with Romi Rain as she works the pole and discusses the importance of...