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amrita rao

Amrita Rao (pronounced [əmriːt̪a ːraːʋ] is an Indian film actress and model. She has appeared as the leading lady in several Hindi films of Bollywood and one movie in Telugu. Rao was born and raised in Mumbai; she made her screen debut in Ab Ke Baras (2002), for which she was nominated for the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award in 2003. One of her most popular roles was in the romance film Vivah (2006).Rao's roles in Welcome to Sajjanpur (2008) and Main Hoon Na (2004) earned her a Stardust Best Actress Award and a Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award nomination respectively. She has been called "Bollywood's quintessential girl next-door" by various media outlets. Times Of India named Rao one of its "50 Most Desirable Women of 2011."
Legendary Painter M. F. Husain pronounced Amrita Rao as his 2nd muse 11 years after he painted Madhuri Dixit and made several paintings dedicated to the Actresses role in vivah

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    Amrita Rao

    পরিচিতি: নামঃ অমৃতা রাও জন্মঃ ১৭ জুন ১৯৮১ জন্মস্থানঃ মুম্বাই, ভারত পেশাঃ অভিনেত্রী ও মডেল শিক্ষা: সোফিয়া কলেজ আত্মীয়: প্রীতিকা রাও (বোন) বলিউডে অভিষেকঃ ২০০৬ বলিউডে প্রথম ছবিঃ তুম হি তো হো