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আপনি কাকে নিয়ে fantasize করেন, যখন masturbate করেন? (1 Viewer)

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Who do you fantasize about when you masturbate?

  • My Partner/Spouse/Boyfriend or Girlfriend

  • A Family Member

  • A Friend or Friend of Someone

  • A Colleague or Associate

  • A Neighbor

  • A Famous Person/Celebrity

  • Others (Please comment who on thread)

  • I don't masturbate it's a sin

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Aug 19, 2018
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What or Whom do you fantasize about the most when you masturbate?


It starts at a young age, but everyone does it and some don't skip a day without doing it. Masturbation or the art of pleasing yourself by touching one's own body, including sex organs suck as penis or vagina, for sexual pleasure usually to the point of orgasm or sexual climax. Everyone does it, young or old, single or married. so ladies and gentleman let us know your honest opinion & post your wild comments on this matter.



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