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WEB is a computer programming system created by Donald E. Knuth as the first implementation of what he called "literate programming": the idea that one could create software as works of literature, by embedding source code inside descriptive text, rather than the reverse (as is common practice in most programming languages), in an order that is convenient for exposition to human readers, rather than in the order demanded by the compiler.
WEB consists of two secondary programs: TANGLE, which produces compilable Pascal code from the source texts, and WEAVE, which produces nicely-formatted, printable documentation using TeX.
CWEB is a version of WEB for the C programming language, while noweb is a separate literate programming tool, which is inspired by WEB (as reflected in the name) and which is language agnostic.
The most significant programs written in WEB are TeX and Metafont. Modern TeX distributions use another program Web2C to convert WEB source to C.

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    New on this web

    Well new on this web✌🏼 And I want to read stories
  2. King G

    King Of Uncut 18+ Hindi Web Series and Short Film (2021)

    TinaSutra (2021) UNRATED 720p HEVC HDRip EightShots Hindi [Uncut Vers] TinaSutra (2021).mkv - 223.65 MB Duration: 25:07 Mins | Resolution: 1280x720 TinaSutra (2021).mkv
  3. Bergamo

    Waterfox - Free & Open Web Browser

    Waterfox was one of the first widely distributed 64-Bit browsers on the web and quickly gained a loyal following. At a time Waterfox had one thing in mind: speed, but now Waterfox also attempts to be an ethical, user-oriented browser. Waterfox focuses on giving users choice. The browser is...
  4. noman658

    Other Montu Pilot web Series Song

    Bera Jaal Song Lyrics In Bengali : একটা মানুষ ছিল গল্প ভরা একলা শেষের সারিতে, একলা মানুষ কিছু অল্প তারা কাঁদতো রাতের বাড়িতে। তার ছেঁড়া তার নৌকোর হাহাকার বালুচর ঘুরে মরেছে, তার বেড়াজাল বারবার ছুঁয়ে নোনাজল জানলা জুড়ে পুড়েছে। সূর্য হারা রাতে, শিকল হাতে আকাশ খুঁজোনা এ আঁধার রাতের...
  5. Bergamo

    Web Browser With Built-in VPN Like Opera Browser

    The best way to protect your identity online is to use a virtual private network solution that conceals your identity. VPNs also help in bypassing the state put restrictions as well as allows you to access the region-restricted content on the internet. To make it easier for internet users, a lot...
  6. Black Knight

    Videos Kolkata Bangla Adult Hoichoi WEB Series 720p HD (জাপানি টয়, হলি ফাঁক, দুপুর ঠাকুর পো.....)

    বাংলা হইচই এর ওয়েব সিরিজ : Mismatch Do Not Disturb JAPANI TOY Oh! Mother Charitraheen 'চরিত্রহীন' Dupur Thakurpo Holy Faak ( হলি ফাঁক ) Hello ১১।
  7. Nagar Baul

    Wanna Have A Good Time Ullu Originals Web Series Season 1 and Season 2 All Episodes 720p

    Ullu Originals Web Series Wanna Have A Good Time Season 1 and Season 2 All Episodes 720p Season 1 Episode 1>>> Episode 2>>> Wanna Have A Good Time - S01E02.mkv.mp4 | verystream Episode 3>>> Wanna...
  8. P

    Amateur Balkan Wife Web Whore

  9. Placebo

    Holy Fuck - Bengali Adult Comedy Web Series Season 2018

    Holy Faak ( হলি ফাঁক ) | S01E01 | Boy, Interrupted | Bengali Webseries Holy Faak ( হলি ফাঁক ) | S01E02 | Just Say Yes | Bengali Webseries Diya and Indra's make out session goes for a toss at Monali's wedding when Diya's rebellious sister Raima elopes to Mumbai. Webseries Name : Holy Faak...
  10. Nirjonmela

    How to Clear your web browser's cache, cookies and history

    When you use a web browser to explore the internet, details of your activities are recorded by the program – and that includes information about every website you visit. This can be useful because when you want to return to a previously visited website you’ll find it in the web browser’s...
  11. Perverse

    আপনি কোন Web Browser ব্যবহার করেন ?

    আপনি কোন Web Browser সবচেয়ে বেশি ব্যবহার করেন ?