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Dil Jeetegi Desi Girl was an Indian reality television series that aired on Imagine TV.
The eight contestants were Sambhavna Seth, Kashmera Shah, Roshni Chopra, Monica Bedi, Anmol Singh, Rucha Gujarati, Ishitta Arun and Aushima Sawhney.
The girls had to stay with families from the village in their houses. In turn, each of the girls undertook everyday tasks of the villagers such as milking cows, making cow dung cakes, cleaning the house, cooking food for the family and much more. The divas were to prove the villagers that they are not just glamour and style but also have the ability to live and thrive in the 'real' India - that they have it in them to be a true Desi Girl.
Roshni Chopra of Kasamh Se fame was crowned as India's first 'Desi Girl' on 4 July, 2010.

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