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Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's imaginative, conceptual idea, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. In their most general form these activities include the production of works of art, the criticism of art, the study of the history of art, and the aesthetic dissemination of art.
Music, theatre, film, dance, and other performing arts, as well as literature and other media such as interactive media, are included in a broader definition of art or the arts. Until the 17th century, art referred to any skill or mastery and was not differentiated from crafts or sciences. In modern usage after the 17th century, where aesthetic considerations are paramount, the fine arts are separated and distinguished from acquired skills in general, such as the decorative or applied arts.
Though the definition of what constitutes art is disputed and has changed over time, general descriptions mention an idea of imaginative or technical skill stemming from human agency and creation. The nature of art and related concepts, such as creativity and interpretation, are explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics.

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  1. B

    Bonsai-a living art

  2. rahul32155

    Some mind blowing nude art (Rasigunn Artwork)

    © all credit goes to original author (Rasigunn) of this artwork.
  3. maruftamimauthor

    Self-Made Cartoon Art (04)

    Rafsan Haque vs Habu Mia =AZUGFf73kJJsMDA3H0XZMMg6zgoqz0fKzcMP5rumxCi09c5zZ5lhksBdx6m9hGKmiVyrjye5p_HuZbp8Cpuq7N7hUnxw2cyDOFl1NbYoXv4LXo-0FHBdE2qaK78nPdDtNox_jAwCgsyMOTvUJWBO9Het-csh56IK7KR-iA4iYDCAC2-0n0tB4CpxYX0sO6L_o7Q&__tn__=*NK-R']#BachelorPoint...
  4. maruftamimauthor

    Self-Made Cartoon Art (03)

    =AZUIk0uqL2WrWGen9w2Z5KUYGSiRZMmuDXuVMtGg_Acq5cWpToz9orHaO6FcBSauxyGNP76rTliTwevu7IAID1Ho_aODIg5eVgXaOJB7zdZ2pQ4SaFeTMkDH5kcHZH9iCm03YHmsUHjr8OT0D29zSqUMxGuuHVcnl0yzsbXPRZLIys0fRCneC2sbE-QkcpXT5so&__tn__=*NK-R']#রূপ নিয়ে এত বড়াই কিন্তু সেই রূপ যদি না থাকে তখন কী হবে...
  5. maruftamimauthor

    Self-Made Cartoon Art (02)

    Design no:- 02 =AZUx-sSO0MyVSXG5v1FFIPIrXp_NLzxMBkn4aLuHbwgRNseCotcwJfSiVO-RL9PaP8cMle953AnJEtWEYysc1W9VFZtNpciwhvx-bawhMsfSYSUvW7pwa3WyG6tTzKa0A4pK4L11H-AZh6StK4-sisiDT14Ghf4lwqAQuync1Id5hA&__tn__=*NK-R']#Portrait_Drawing Model:- Sheikh Shabbir Portrait Drawing:- Adobe Illustrator CC 2019...
  6. maruftamimauthor

    Self-Made Cartoon Art (01)

    Design no:- 01 =AZVuh4IetUcz6MTmPhJUdiIXCdFPsq-lAvItIXxyC-_63kNnT1rNIrxYiOBtfejtNopkVCNQ6g6bsrxwWI10BGxPXdtV3mFG0Z8Q3WUvHSFQmRzaBvHCLLC3HDKuL60XQkm5Y5gXj9kCaUQJEYnbbSNjfh8EtkXChgvt5n-EvDxtKw&__tn__=*NK-R']#Portrait_Drawing Model:- Rakib Khan Portrait Drawing:- Adobe Illustrator CC 2019...
  7. choto79

    Hegre Art _Sian_Black_Bra

  8. ramborabi

    Mehandi art on Nude Body

  9. choto79

    Art Porn-Doing-Threesome-and-Anal-for-the-First-Time.

    Art Porn-Doing-Threesome-and-Anal-for-the-First-Time.
  10. choto79

    Art Porn-Girls-Got-Dirty-

    Art Porn-Girls-Got-Dirty-
  11. choto79

    Art Porn-Good-time-with-bad-girls

    Art Porn-Good-time-with-bad-girls
  12. choto79

    Art Porn-Magic-Fingers

    Art Porn-Magic-Fingers
  13. choto79

    Art Porn-Two-Girls--one-Boy

    Art Porn-Two-Girls--one-Boy