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What is HIDE Tag and How to use in Post

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Mar 1, 2018
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This option is not a default option of the forum.The posters are free not to use the HIDE Code to post their threads unprotected. This is solely on members choice.

The HIDE Tag: What, Why & How? This thread is all about the recently introduced post HIDE option, the HIDE TAG.

What is HIDE Tag:

The HIDE Tag just make the posts hidden to normal viewer, unless a normal member Replies/Like to the post according to the code used by the poster. This option is not a default option of the forum, the posters are free not to use the HIDE Code to post their threads unprotected. This is solely on members choice.

The following group of members are beyond the HIDE Code restriction. They can view the threads without any Reply/Like.

  • Administrators
  • Super Moderators
  • Global Moderator
  • Moderators
  • Support Team
  • Former Staff
  • Elite Leader (User group promotions from 5000 post count)
  • VIP Members (Available Subscriptions: Allowed To Enter All Forum and To View Hidden Content)

Why Hide Tag:

Why? That's a question many members probably thinking for the past few days. First thing is that it was request for many Posters or Uploaders of our forum for a long. Poster don't get paid to post, the only thing he/she gets & expect is the appreciations, a couple of good inspiring words, at least a mere thanks. For the last one year of our Forum lifespan we have observed that there are threads with a view count of 1200 but not even have a reply/comment count of 12! Can you imagine? 1200 members visited the thread but not a mere 1% tried to inspire, appreciate the posters hard work, the dedication. So they were requesting for a long to make an arrangement so that they can at least know their hard work is not going into vain.

We tried several methods in the past and found this HIDE option is the only solution. There is also a great benefit of this tag. This bring the good old threads in the first page, so that the new comer members can enjoy those threads. There are hundreds of good threads here our members made for the last one year, unless someone replies to those threads; won't come to first page.

If you can spend 5 minutes to view a thread, you can easily spend another 10 seconds to make a reply/comment which is inspiring to the posters to post further. This is the only solution to get rid of 0 post members.

How to use:

Very simple, it works like every other post formatting options. There Slashed Eye Icon for hide BB codes Buttons in the Quick reply space.

Insert Image link into HIDE BB Code. What content you want to Hide then Insert Image link into HIDE BB Code.

First paste the matter in Reply Editor box (May be it's an image link with appropriate BB CODE, it may be some text or a video code), then select/mark all. Click the appropriate HIDE CODE button and click the 'Post Reply' button.

When you see this sign in Posts instead of the content. It means the content of the post/posts are Hidden.

Please note: That a single reply is sufficient to Un-hide the whole thread. whereas you need to give 'Like' to each post individually to Un-Hide each post. You need Reloading this Thread after given Reply or Like.

Important warning: You are must not hide content in thread 1st post or make un-hide some content in 1st post. So user can understanding about this content for giving reply or like ! Happy posting ...:love:

Please read the forum rules Nirjonmela Forum Rules - NMFR and you must follow Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines. It is the forum member's responsibility to stay up to date on forum rules. Users who violate forum rules will be banned and offending content will be removed at any time, without warning.
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