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VA - Stone Cold Queen A Tribute (2001)


Senior Member
Apr 11, 2018
VA - Stone Cold Queen: A Tribute (2001)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Triage / Shrapnel Records, SH-11522 | ~ 317 or 105 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 6.66 Mb
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Stone Cold Queen: A Tribute features a number of hard rock performers covering some of Queen's best-known songs. Many of the featured performers are industry veterans: Billy Sheehan, Matt Sorum, Marty Friedman, Geoff Tate, Gunnar Nelson, Jake E. Lee, Richie Kotzen, Vinny Appice, Kip Winger, Carmine Appice, Tommy Shaw, Dweezil Zappa, and Bruce Kulick are just a few of the featured performers. It's a little uncertain whether this is more of a tribute album or an artist showcase. All of the performers go out of their way to revel in the spotlight. This sense of vanity takes away from the music, but it is always interesting to see what changes these musicians choose to make to these classic songs - if any at all. Queen fanatics and anyone familiar with the performers should best appreciate this album.


01. Stone Cold Crazy [03:38]
- performed by -
Bass - Billy Sheehan
Drums - Matt Sorum
Guitar - Steve Stevens
Vocals - Robin Zander

02. Play The Game [04:57]
- performed by -
Bass - Chuck Wright
Drums - Gregg Bissonette
Guitar - Marty Friedman
Keyboards - Paul Taylor
Vocals - Mickey Thomas

03. Fat Bottomed Girls [04:26]
- performed by -
Bass - Tony Franklin
Drums - Eric Singer
Guitar - Reb Beach
Vocals - Joe Lynn Turner

04. Somebody To Love [04:45]
- performed by -
Bass - Carmine Rojas
Drums - Aynsley Dunbar
Guitar - Doug Aldrich
Keyboards - Paul Taylor
Vocals - Geoff Tate

05. Crazy Little Thing Called Love [03:08]
- performed by -
Bass - Michael Porcaro
Drums - Pat Torpey
Guitar - Albert Lee
Vocals - Gunnar Nelson, Mathew Nelson

06. Fight From Inside [03:52]
- performed by -
Bass - Tony Levin
Drums - Tony Thompson
Guitar - Jake E. Lee
Vocals - Jack Blades

07. You're My Best Friend [03:09]
- performed by -
Bass - Marco Mendoza
Drums - Vinny Appice
Guitar - Richie Kotzen
Keyboards - Paul Taylor
Vocals - Jason Scheff

08. I'm In Love With My Car [03:44]
- performed by -
Bass - Phil Soussan
Drums - Frankie Banali
Guitar - Steve Lukather
Vocals - Kip Winger

09. Killer Queen [03:30]
- performed by -
Bass - Stu Hamm
Drums - Carmine Appice
Guitar - Pat Thrall
Keyboards - Paul Taylor
Vocals - Glenn Hughes

10. Spread Your Wings [04:45]
- performed by -
Bass - Tim Bogert
Drums - Steve Ferrone
Guitar - Dweezil Zappa
Keyboards - Derek Sherinian
Vocals - Tommy Shaw

11. We Will Rock You [03:28]
- performed by -
Bass - Jeff Pilson
Drums - Mikkey Dee
Guitar - Bob Kulick, Bruce Kulick
Vocals - Jack Russell

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