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Uploading and Getting Direct Link of Sound File - MP3 Direct Link Hosting


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Mar 1, 2018
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MP3 Direct Link Hosting - A list of tutorials on how to upload & get direct mp3 link on some websites. Our Shop Profile Music required MP3 files.

  • JukeHost
  • Kiwi6
  • OpenDrive

  • Create an account & Login
  • Then go on the Upload page:
  • Select your sound file (mp3, ogg, ...) you want to upload, name it and click "Upload" (note that you can upload multiple files at once, but the total size should not exceed 500 MB)

  • Wait until the end of the upload then you should be redirected on the Library page
  • Click on the "Copy" button next to the music you just uploaded

  • The direct link should now be copied to your clipboard, paste it anywhere you want
NB: There is no limitation on the storage space, only on the file size (max 100 MB). This service is rather new so expect inaccurate screenshots. If you have any problem/question about this service, feel free to reply.


  • After the page refreshed (upload is finished) go here: Login - Kiwi6 Mp3 Upload
  • Click on the file you just uploaded
  • Copy the "Direct Hotlink"

NB: Kiwi6 has some limits but you shouldn't be annoyed by these as they are really high (see Premium Subscriptions - Kiwi6 Mp3 Upload).


  • Create an account & Login
  • Go to OpenDrive - Login
  • You can choose a folder (eg. Music) or create a new one
  • Drag and Drop your sound file (mp3, ogg, ...) on the page
  • Wait until the end of the upload, then right click it
  • Choose "Links"

  • Then copy the "Direct Link (streaming)"

NB: OpenDrive gives you 5GB of storage but you can get free space here.
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