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Support Team Member Need - Become a Staff Member

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Mar 1, 2018
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It is our immense pleasure to observe that Nirjonmela family is growing day by day with the co-operation of every Members. All the valued members are enjoying their stay with us and working for the betterment of this community. Now-a-days the Forum is growing so fast by the posting of the members and in this regard some spamming & occurrences are also happening which are beyond our views. So, we are going to recruit some potential & dedicated members for the betterment of the Forum for our “Support Team".

Qualification For Support Team?

* User Must be at least 1 Month Old in this Forum (depend upon his hard work/Reporting)
* NOT Banned Before in this Forum
* Minimum Post Count: 200+ (Unique posts)
* Not belong with ANY FORUM (Staff/Moderator/owner)
* S/He should spend time daily minimum 3 hours.
* S/He should post daily.
* Should inform the staff members if s/he is out of Forum for a maximum period.
* Should be well known with all the rules and regulations of the forum.
* Good reporting skill.

What actually you need to do?

* Report if any user ADVERTISING on the board.
* Report any thread if it is violating our rules.
* Help user around the forum and be active.
* Report Dead Link(s) - Try to replace with working Link
* Solve Problems on Request Zone and Help Desk section

* Read Rules First, before Click report - Don't report Old Thread or Post.

What will s/he achieve as a Support Team Member?

* The best Support Team Member winner for repeatedly 2 (two) months will be the next Moderator.
* Every Support Team Member winner will get Award in every month.

So Dear, if you are thinking that you are the right person for the same, feel free to click here:

Last date of submission: 31st December 2018
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