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Kiwi Browser - Chrome desktop extensions on Android (1 Viewer)


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Mar 2, 2018
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What is Kiwi Browser about ?

There are many browsers available on Google Play Store and the choice to make use of the most suitable browser especially for your android phone can be daunting. However, because there are a variety of mobile web browsers, the duty falls on you to choose the best most suitable one that offer amazing functionalities the others don’t offer.

Browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser and new challenges like Brave have over the years evolved to meet the needs of the market but in recent times, Kiwi Browser has taken the front seat in being one of the most preferred alternative browsers to use.

Kiwi Browser is a browser that is built on the Chromium stack which means it has similar features like Google chrome, however, this browser has been able to upstage Chrome in the sense that it supports full Google extensions. What this means that where Google Chrome ofers limited extensions on its mobile version, the Kiwi Browser offers full extensions.
The Kiwi Browser has been compared to the Chrome browser and has always been seen in relation to it. This article is to treat the Kiwi Browser as a champion on its own and discuss some of the functionalities of the browser.

The Kiwi Browser offers full extension offers for mobile phones: what this means is that the browser allows the user to make use of certain features that are not available on the other browsers. It supports Tampermonkey, uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus, among others.
The app size is reasonable for the features it offers. The Kiwi Browser as of now stands at 46.88Mb download size and stretches to about 139Mb which very similar to Google Chrome that offer less features.

It has AdBlockers installed: Ads can be very annoying especially when they pop up where they are not needed. The adblocker option in Kiwi Browser means that browsing is seamless without having to bother about ads. However, it also allows the options of exempting some certain websites you wish not to block their Ads.

The user interface is inventive. With the feature that allows the address bar to be at the bottom so that is can be navigated with one hand, to the dark mode feature that allows you to make the screen dark when browsing, you can find advantages.

Conclusively, Kiwi Browser is a top notch browser as it is based on the very best Chromium, has incredible page load speed, powerful ad blocker options, allows for cryptojacking protection among other features and the size space taken up is very minimal when compared to others that offer way less features.

Fast & Quiet: Kiwi Browser is made to browse the internet, read news, watch videos and listen to music, without annoyances.


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