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  1. Minerva McGonagall

    Just now, a vagrant stopped by

    Hello Everybody I would love to make some friends from here__!! Feel free to comment__!!
  2. arn43

    Now this is what Amazing should have

  3. Bergamo

    So Corgi Butt Bread Is Now a Thing…

    Some people have too much free time on their hands, so they start doing weird stuff… Like baking bread that looks like corgi butts. Featured below are some of the best examples of corgi butt bakery masterpieces.
  4. choto79

    femjoy_Dina P - It's My Turn Now

  5. choto79

    femjoy_Darina A - Now

  6. choto79

    PlayBoy Plus Girl Diana Lark in Here and Now HQ Full Album

  7. Nagar Baul

    It All Makes Sense Now!

  8. Bergamo

    European Men - Then vs Now

  9. P

    Deeper, faster, like it, need it now! Happy Hardcore sex!

  10. Perverse

    New Definitions - Language has Evolved

    New Definitions of Today It seems that a lot of our old definitions for things are just that: Old. So a group of scientists (and comedians) have decided to create a new list of definitions! Here are some of the new definitions we loved the most: School: An institute where the child goes...