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  1. নির্জনে পথিক

    How to get BBCODE links sequentially

    Just forgot, how to get BBCODEs sequentially when uploading at I am uploading say 20 pics ar a time naming pic1, pic2, pic3.... After upload, I am getting the links scrambled , not serially, like .../pic1.jpg[/img], ..../pic2.jpg[/img], ..../pic3.jpg[/img], they got mixed up...
  2. Perverse

    What happened to the "options" in Nirjon Mela "IMAGEHOST"?

    Before the Nirjon Mela IMAGE HOST had the following options for posting Pics (Linked or otherwise) FULL IMAGE THUMBNAIL MEDIUM Now there is only BBCODE for FULL IMAGE or BBCODE for FULL LINKED Will the other options come back or not happening?