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anais zanotti

Anais Zanotti (born January 8, 1986 in Saint-Tropez) is a French model and stunt woman of French and Italian ancestry who lives in Miami, Florida. She has been featured in magazines such as Playboy, FHM, Maxim, GQ, Cosmopolitan, "Vogue", and People, Men's Fitness magazine, Muscle and Fitness, Women Fitness magazine and more. She has over 40 magazine covers. Zanotti is also a certified skydiver with over 1250 jumps.GS .

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    Claudia Romani, Melissa Lori, Anais Zanotti Sexy

    Italian model and reality TV star Claudia Romani was spotted on South Beach with Playmate Melissa Lori and French celebrity trainer Anais Zanotti, 11/25/2018. All three beauties were wearing matching pink thong bikinis as they struck a few fun yoga poses.
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    Claudia Romani, Melissa Lori, Anais Zanotti Sexy

    Thong Queen Claudia Romani, Playmate Melissa Lori, and French Fitness celebrity Anais Zanotti together on South Beach celebrating Halloween in style, 10/28/2018. The models were turning heads in sexy costumes. Sexy nurse, pirate, soldier.