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ana braga

Ana Braga (born December 4, 1981, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a Brazilian model and pet adoption advocate living in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been featured in several international magazines: Playboy Venezuela December 2013, Playboy Brazil June 2013, and Playboy Romania in April and December 2013. Braga has also been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine in the United States and People Magazine in Greece.

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    Ana Braga Topless

    Brazilian Playmate Ana Braga stays benched (and topless) for the Superbowl, unable to decide which team to root for, 01/31/2019.
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    Ana Braga Underboob

    Brazilian Playmate and Underboob Queen Ana Braga stops by Victoria’s Secret for lacy lingerie in Los Angeles, 01/20/2019. The sultry vixen pulls out a purple lace underwear after her purpose and makes her way through city to end her weekend.