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Americans are nationals and citizens of the United States of America. Although nationals and citizens make up the majority of Americans, some dual citizens, expatriates, and permanent residents, may also claim American nationality. The United States is home to people of many different ethnic origins. As a result, American culture and law does not equate nationality with race or ethnicity, but with citizenship and permanent allegiance.English-speakers, and even speakers of many other languages, typically use the term "American" to exclusively mean people of the United States; this developed from its original use to differentiate English people of the American colonies from English people of England. The word "American" can also refer to people from the Americas in general (see Names for United States citizens).

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  1. choto79

    PlayBoy Plus Exclusive Collection Brittany & Brandi Kelly in Wet Hot American Girls

  2. choto79

    Studio Passion-HD, Album Blonde American Teen

  3. Bergamo

    Christina Aguilera – 2019 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles

  4. Bergamo

    Syd Wilder – 2nd Annual American Influencer Awards at The Dolby Theater in Hollywood

  5. K

    Weird intimacy between Stephanie Seymour and her son

    Stephanie Seymour is an American model and actress. She is on her Fifties and strangely intimate with her son. What do you think about it ?
  6. Perverse

    [Classic] American Blonde (1994) - XXX Janine Movie

    AMERICAN BLONDE (1994) Starring: Janine, Kaitlyn Ashley, Misty Rain, Rasha Romana, Veronica Sage Description: Janine and Colt are a couple. Kaitlyn and Tony are also a couple, and Veronica and Alex are the couple that will change their lives. Paul Thomas presents a tale of three lovers, and...
  7. Bergamo

    American Indian pornstar janani new pics

  8. Bergamo

    Paki american aunty new pics

  9. Perverse

    WWII American Spitfire Pilot - A Short Documentary

    World War 2 American Spitfire Pilot An 18 year-old just out of high school was trained to take pictures of damage done to German targets by B-17's. He flew in a British Spitfire fitted with extra fuel tanks where the guns were. In other words, he flew over Germany unarmed... This is...
  10. Bergamo

    Loren Gray – 2018 American Music Awards in Los Angeles

  11. Bergamo

    Mariah Carey – 2018 American Music Awards in Los Angeles

  12. Bergamo

    Bailee Madison – American Humane Dog Awards in LA

  13. Bergamo

    Kerri Medders – Seal Team Season 2 Premiere Screening at the American Legion Post 43 in Los Angeles

  14. Bergamo

    Elle Fanning – Receiving the Rising Star Award at the 44th Deauville American Film Festival

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