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There is no alternative (shortened as TINA) was a slogan often used by the Conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.The phrase was used to signify Thatcher's claim that the market economy is the only system that works, and that debate about this is over. One commenter characterised the meaning of the slogan as "Globalised capitalism, so called free-markets and free trade were the best ways to build wealth, distribute services and grow a society's economy. Deregulation's good, if not God." By contrast, Thatcher described her support of markets as flowing from a more basic moral argument. Specifically she argued that the market-principle of choice flows from the moral principle that for human behavior to be moral requires free-choice by people.Historically, the phrase may be traced to its emphatic use by the nineteenth-century classical liberal thinker Herbert Spencer. Opponents of the principle used it in a derisory manner. For instance cabinet minister Norman St John-Stevas, one of the leading "wets", nicknamed Thatcher "Tina". In economics, politics, and political economy, others have used it to mean that "there is no alternative" to neoliberalism—that free markets, free trade, and capitalist globalisation are the best or the only way for modern societies to develop.

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  1. Ursa

    Is there any alternative software of IDM for MacBook ??

    Can anyone please suggest me IDM alternatives for MacBook?? Thanks in advance
  2. choto79

    WPS Office a Free and Best Alternative to Microsoft Office in Windows 10.

    WPS Office mostly a freeware and a paid version also available for some pro feature, like as edit or create PDF document and More cloud storage. Otherwise all the basic stuff and feature are same as pro and free. For windows 10 anyone can get it from Microsoft Store for free but for Older...
  3. Bergamo

    Alternative Browsers Based on Mozilla Firefox

    If you’re a fan of FireFox, then you might want to check out some of these alternatives. All of these alternative browsers are actually based on Mozilla Firefox which is an open-source web browser. Because it’s open-source, anybody can take the code and modify it, improve it, add their own...
  4. P

    Assorted tattooed alternative emo teen girlfriends in homemade pix